"Q&E is known among its clients for combining academic rigour with in-depth practical skills to help organisations to achieve its place in the world and to create a humane community in the work place so to build a high performing organisation." 

Our Vision

Our primary mission is to equip and develop Organisation Development practitioners - both internal and external - so that they can deliver excellent support to leaders within their organisations. We work mainly by providing systematic education and development programmes, supervision and shadow consultancy for OD practitioners. 

Our secondary mission is to support organisations to function effectively for those they serve and for those who do the work. We engage senior leaders, showing them how to use Organisation Development processes and frameworks to build the type of organisation that will last in what they have to offer, to help them ensure that the internal capacity and human systems of their organisation are robust enough to support its strategic ambitions. Most of our work in this area involves providing support to top leaders who are managing complex change initiatives. 

Our Services


We develop methodological architecture for the whole change process: we use whole system methodologies, we support internal change leaders to build an evolving transformation programme and processes base on robust as well as emergent information/data. We support them to have some ideas of sequencing intervention while being agile enough to shift when circumstances changes.   Rosabeth M Kanter of Harvard Business School, one of the world's foremost thinkers and educators on change, documented Q&E as having designed and supported the world's largest change intervention.

We are experienced and skillful intervention designer and executor:  We are known to make intervention design accessible to change leaders.    We do that by supporting, designing and run different types of intervention to help the organisation move toward its change goals, ensure all are milestones are set up for effective implementation, and decide on metrics to track the change processes and to ensure  outcomes of a change project are firmly embedded in the organisation in a sustainable way.

We educate and equip top leaders and line change agents - We often work in alignment with the organisation's talent management system, using the change processes as a fertile leadership development ground to build the change capabilities of future leaders and equip them to run corporate transformation projects.    


We are committed educator and developer of OD practitioners.   We design systemic education, development programmes, group and individual supervision, and shadow consultancy to support both OD practitioners and HR professionals. Some of our work in this area includes:

  • Dean of NTL OD Certificate programme for the first 10 programmes.
  • Designed and delivered OD education programmes for HR professionals in over 20  organisations (over 900 participants) .
  • Designed and delivered OD change programmes for in-house Change Project Management Offices in over 30 organisations.
  • Designed and delivered OD education programmes for business schools and government academies.

Expanding Awareness of OD

Quality & Equality has been committed to raising the awareness of OD globally.  Our notable achievements include:

  • Being instrumental in the support of other professional organisations in their ability to educate OD practitioners: Roffey Park, CIPD, NTL Institute, ODN. 
  • Instrumental in setting up the European Organisation Development Network - an OD professional association.


Quality & Equality Ltd was founded in 1987 by Dr Mee-Yan Cheung Judge