The dominant approaches that make Quality & Equality stand out are:



bias towards OD Principles

Our practices are firmly informed by key OD principles:- e.g.

in using internal resources of a system to solve its own problem; encourage internal members to be joint- investigators and researchers of their own situation, and increase their self-organisation behaviour to continue to develop the wider system in a sustainable way.  We believe wisdom exist in all levels of the system, and hence participation and having a voice is critical in most intervention design. 

Bias towards using the consultancy processes to train leaders and grow talent pipeline

Instead of just delivering the change project objectives, Quality & Equality will use the consultancy process to provide a fertile development ground for top talent and internal change agents - so to build cohesive cadre of leaders to be new custodian of the new way of working. 

Bias towards internal resources and returns on investment

Instead of bringing a troop of consultants in, we almost always will involve the organisations own resources, regardless of rank to carry out the change projects - to build independence and self-sufficient.  By working with Quality & Equality - most line leaders and OD practitioners become effective multipliers and OD culture builders within their organisations.