Since 1987, the deliberate effort of Quality & Equality has been to up the awareness of the field of Organisation Development and what it can offer to the workplace among those who run and support organisations.  As an applied behavioural science field, OD offers unique theoretical and research insights on how to build an organisation's external effectiveness (relevant and high performance) as well as the internal health of the organisation.  

The dual aim of OD is to ensure that organisations exist to benefit its constituents as well as those who work for them.

We achieve this through three core areas:


Consultancy services

We provide consultancy services to organisations and its leaders in a wide range of areas....especially to work through complex changes.  Q & E is well known - particularly in supporting global total system transformation change.


providing od resources

We aim to provide different types of resources to OD/HR practitioners to support their continuous development by staying up-to-date as well as be reminded of the core classic works that define the integrity of our field.  We provide platform for practitioners to share knowledge and insights while Q & E will make available accessible material for practitioners to adopt and use in their work within organisation.


Educating and developing od practitioners


  •   Equip and develop both Organisation Development and Human Resource related professionals in the OD arena - to help them turn conceptual understandings into masterful practices - so they can fulfil their key guardian role within their organisation, using the OD approach to work with growth and changes.
  •  Offer education and development programme to experienced practitioners as well as people who are interested in the field of OD to ensure the talent pipeline is well kept.  


This new website, launched in January 2017, is built to facilitate the delivery of our vision.  We want to become a 'go to' website for practitioners to:
  • Find out other relevant OD related institutions and what they can offer.

  • Look for job and consultancy opportunities as well as a forum to offer their services.

  • Look for resources and share information, insights and perspectives.

  • Find out about OD development events from Quality & Equality and other providers.

    Please get to know this website and make it serve you well!  We are committed to slowly developing and expanding the site and will encourage you to use the website frequently so that it will become a practical and useful website - so do keep contributing!

                             Best wishes, from Mee-Yan Cheung Judge - Director, Quality & Equality Ltd