Module 1 - Human Interaction Lab

Following an induction day to help delegates to get to know each other and prepare themselves for the programme, Module 1 consists of the Human Interaction Lab.

This is an intensive small group experience resulting in significantly increased self-awareness and understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics, all critical competencies for OD practitioners.

Module 2 - Organisation Development Theory & Practice

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of Organisation Development including its history and the evolution of the field, the theoretical principles that shape the practices of OD, the values that are critical to OD, and how OD differentiates itself from other consultancy practices.

Module 3 - Group Process Consultation

Helps participants develop their skills in intervening in existing group processes. It covers various conceptual models and an integrated model of group process consultation. Focal areas include interventions, life cycles, the evolution of groups, phases of work group activities, and areas for intervention. 


Module 4 - Diagnosing Organisations with Impact

A critical task for OD consultants is accurately diagnosing the cross-currents of information that exist within every organisation. Participants learn about organisations as open systems and develop skills in organisation diagnosis. 

Module 5 - Intervention Strategies

Increases participants’ capability in planning and applying a variety of intervention approaches at the individual, group, inter-group, and organisational levels.

Module 6 - Facilitating & Managing Complex Systems Change

Complex change management is supported by a body of knowledge on the dynamics of organisation change. This module examines that body of knowledge and provides participants with the opportunity to apply it to their own situations. Module components include systems thinking, beginning a change effort, cultural and organisational change, transition and power dynamics, change leadership, and implementing organisational change.